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#3: Yamada Fumi - 'Transistor Complex' (HijiOki DJ)

Yamada Fumi - 'Transistor Complex'
PG-13. No peen0rs!
Just read the damn thing if you like HijiOki!

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A joint project with gintama_route18 who kindly provided the scans. :D Many thanks to them~ ♥


And before we forget, we'd like to mention our two other members that are working behind the scenes, rin_rinae and mottledgrey. THIS IS OUR FRESH MEAT. PLEASE COOK WELL BEFORE EATING. In other words, please treat them nicely since they're our new scanlating slaves. ♥
HijiSada - YOU FRUSTRATE ME // Gintama

#2 - Sorachi Hideaki 'Gintama' (chapter 50)

We're starting a project to scanlate the missing chapters of Gintama! From 50 up to about 200+ or so. :D

Gintama chapter 50
the amnesia arc!
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If you're interested in reading Gintama from the chapters I specified earlier, I suggest you join the comm! I think we should stop spamming the gintama/free_manga comms after a while, because we plan to do this as fast as we can (while maintaining quality)!
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#1: Yuzuki Inaru - 'Cheap!' (HijiOki DJ)

OUR FIRST RELEASE! :D Accomplishment! HijiOki is GETTTT!

Yuzuki Inaru - 'Cheap!'
NWS! In other words: SEXING OCCURS.
In which Sougo dresses as a girl. In a girl's school uniform. And Hijikata is a dirty old pervert.

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Many thanks to Mirus Mayhem for providing the scans! C:

It's our first release, so feel free to comment with any constructive criticism/suggestions for us! We're open to receiving more HijiOki doujin for scanlating, yep! Expect more porn in time to come. :D ENJOOOOY!